Ben Slattery, M.A., LPCC

Locations: Littleton, Parker & Teletherapy

Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

To perform at your best, you first must work towards being your best self; to take those action steps towards change, it helps to be aware of your intentions, present self, and patterns. I will facilitate a space for you to be heard, validated, and supported through providing genuine and authentic interactions. Knowing how intimate and challenging the self-improvement and change process can be, it is a privilege to be part of your growth journey. My personal and professional aims are to serve and address health more holistically towards you feeling more fulfilled, so that you can be more present for the people and parts of your life that bring enjoyment, meaning, and purpose.

Originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, I stepped out of my comfort zone to relocate to Los Angeles and earned my BS in Psychobiology at UCLA, then took a very different route as a culinary assistant at a cooking school back in Minnesota before moving to Denver. I have my Master’s degree in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Denver, with plans to purse licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and certification as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC).

You are not perfect, and that is perfectly okay! You can embrace your uniqueness and imperfections, and have the freedom to continually explore the untapped special qualities you possess. Through investing in yourself, your values, and goals, I hope you will develop tools and skills to be more self-confident and secure, and will feel empowered to share your full self with the world.


Individual therapy – $135 intake session, $110 standard session

Couples/Family therapy – $200 intake session (90 minutes), $120 standard session

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