Lauren Blanchard, M.A., LPC

Locations: Teletherapy

Licensed Professional Counselor

My focus is helping parents, children, and families function cohesively by promoting healthy, meaningful and enriching relationships with each other. I place a strong value on the bond between children and their parents. As your counselor I will help your child grow by working through developmental tasks and important milestones. I utilize creative interventions including play therapy, sand tray therapy, and art therapy. I collaborate closely with parents to ensure that the work done in session is reflected in the home as well. Along with my training, my practice is guided by my personal experience. I was part of a family system that was faced with a sibling’s unresolved mental health needs. Communication was difficult and we lacked a sense of direction. From that point on, I found that my passion was helping children and parents with communication, attachment, emotional, or behavioral needs.

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