Jordyn Grote

Counseling Intern

The story you write as you travel through life has many chapters, some filled with adventure, some filled with heartache, and some filled with hope. More often than not, life is a mountain, not a beach. It is a journey with unexpected switchbacks and obstacles leading to amazing vistas and a sense of accomplishment. Sometimes we have to endure challenging times or adjust to a “new normal.” We rarely enjoy the struggles. However, I believe our trials help us grow. They develop a deeper sense of self and purpose, and they give us an expanded perspective of our life. Each of us has a unique story, and it is an honor to hear yours! As you navigate the chapters you have written and plan for the chapters yet to come, I can offer you unwavering support, compassion and hope. My passion lies in helping families, couples and children navigate through the ups and downs of life. In my experience, I have journeyed with children and parents grieving a significant loss. My approach is client-centered, strengths-based, and collaborative. I offer a judgment-free space where you can be yourself. I integrate a variety of theories based on your goals. I counsel from a wellness model which enables clients to achieve balance and wholeness. I believe balance is key as you discover how to thrive, not just survive. I am excited to be a part of your journey as you heal relationships and transform your life. Together we can navigate the chapters in your life. I look forward to taking this journey with you!

Locations: Parker & Teletherapy