Ric Taylor, M.A., RP

Registered Psychotherapist

Breakups, breakdowns, curveballs, and crisis. When the state of your mental health is fraying at the ends, a simple tune-up can do wonders for your physical health, outlook on life, relationships, and career. Deep stress, ongoing sadness, and “weird anger” are just a few indicators from your mental operating system that it’s time to move beyond “just coping”. It’s time to reboot into an upgraded version of life. I work specifically with men and couples using pragmatic, solution-focused approaches. I’ve worked in a corporate career for 20 years and starting in 1999 I volunteered at night and weekends to facilitate, coach, and lead personal growth for groups and individuals. I have a masters degree in psychology and started working as a counselor in 2012. It would be my honor to provide this service to you and help you connect to a brighter future.