Sara Evans

Sara Evans, M.S., LPCC, MFTC

Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate & Marriage & Family Therapist Candidate

Locations: Parker & Teletherapy

It takes courage to decide that you want to talk to someone and I am grateful for the opportunity to be that someone. For many, the choice to begin therapy can be combined with anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. I believe that every person has the inner strength to make adjustments in their life, including you, but no one said those adjustments had to be made alone. Our sessions together will be an open dialogue, appearing more like a conversation rather than a series of questions. As your therapist, I will listen to you and seek to understand your unique set of circumstances without judgement. Whether seeing an individual, a couple or a family, my therapy room will be a safe, supportive environment to express yourself and work on obtaining the positive desires you hold and releasing the negative attributes you no longer want.

I enjoy working with all clients that come into my therapy room, but I have found that my particular communication style lends itself very well to adolescents and young adults. Those in this age range face a lot of growth and change in a very short amount of time, and I am pleased to help them identify their strength, autonomy, independence, and positive self-esteem. In addition to working with this age range, I work well with the parents and families of my clients. It isn’t always easy to support an individual who isn’t sure what they need from you, and my goal is to work with the entire family dynamic to improve communication and understanding.