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Come to Our Grief and Loss Therapy to Overcome Your Pain

No one can run away from loss, it is a part of your everyday life that cannot be avoided but we can teach you how to deal with it. Grief and loss therapy can help you deal with your pain in a healthy manner. There are several type of losses, from the loss of a family or relative, girlfriend or boyfriend, a pet, losing your health or even having to let go of your dreams. Each person has their own significance for what is valuable, and each person will deal with it differently.

There are two different types of losses: sudden and predictable. Sudden losses often occur during accidents, violent crimes, and suicides. This sudden changes usually make people feel insecure and makes them lose confidence in themselves and the world around them. Predictable loss are those that people can see coming like during a terminal disease. However, this loss creates a double feeling of loss, one while waiting and the other when it happens.