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Young Adult & College-Age Life Transitions (Quarter Life Crisis)

That transition of life where you go from being a child to an adult is not how it used to be. There is not much support from friends and family while going into a completely different part of your life. With nobody to guide or help when you make a mistake. We all need help, regardless of how old we are, unfortunately, some people have no one to turn to. That is why we offer counseling for those young adults who need help in their transition from childhood to adulthood.

People going into adulthood today feel like outcasts, trying to build a stable life while trying to keep their creative sides. In this age, it seems like everything is going faster including the phases in our lives, what used to be a mid-life crisis is now a quarter-life crisis, where people have to worry about problems only older adults had. See below to check out our solutions to a quarter-life crisis.