Sean Mortenson, M.S., LPCC

Locations: Littleton & Teletherapy

Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

You entered the world without a roadmap, having to navigate a unique set of relationships and circumstances. And what you experienced along the way inevitably shaped you – from your sense of self to your styles of relating. You’ve survived thus far, but you’re starting to feel as though something isn’t right, something needs to change. Perhaps you’re experiencing an increase of anger or a loss of motivation. Perhaps your relationships are showing signs of strain. Perhaps feelings of loss, guilt, or unprocessed hurt have started to catch up with you. And maybe the beliefs and behaviors you’ve typically used to cope with life’s challenges are no longer serving you well. That is a difficult, uncomfortable place to be. But if we pay attention, we might find that the discomfort is a doorway to healing, growth, and new life. I see it as a privilege to meet people in that space.

First and foremost, I want clients to feel secure enough to explore their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and behaviors with honesty. I want them to feel heard and gain a better understanding of themselves. From there, we’ll work on developing tools and a roadmap for how to move forward with a greater sense of agency and authenticity. I see both individuals and couples, specializing in the treatment of depression, anxiety, mid-life, and faith issues (including religious trauma). Because every client is a unique person in unique circumstance, I tailor treatment to individual goals and the dynamics that show up in session. I am trained in a wide range of modalities, including EMDR, and I am happy to incorporate spirituality into treatment upon request.


Individual therapy – $135 intake session, $110 standard session

Couples/Family therapy – $200 intake session (90 minutes), $120 standard session

EMDR therapy – $185 intake session, $165 standard session

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